August 1st, 2012: Day 3 on the Road (to Kansas City, MO)

Did you know that Kansas City is both in Kansas and Missouri? Until we went on this trip and was mapping it, I had no damn clue! Hahah 🙂

Alas, while we tried to get up early to leave (as it’d be about an 8 hour drive or so), it didn’t happen quite as we expected. Instead, we didn’t end up leaving The Quality Inn and Suites until around 8:30am. We grabbed breakfast, however, at The Moonlight Diner (Yelp Link) about half a mile down from the hotel (and right on the road to the freeway). Here, I have to admit that we actually drove by it TWICE before finding it; even though the night before we had seen it right away…possibly due to it having NEON lights all over the place. Hahaha.

Despite the 3 Star rating that Yelp gave, it was a pretty good place to eat. JM ordered Huevos Rancheros (pix) which were really good. We also got some delicious pancakes (pix), and an overall very american breakfast with Eggs and Hash (pix). Yum! 😀 And then, we were back on the road to hopefully meet up with maxisawesome from DQ (who was in KS) for BBQ Dinner.

It didn’t take us long to get into Kansas, but once we were past the state border line, oh boy was it a long, straight, drive. This (google maps link) is pretty much what it was the whole way; a good 6 or so hours! We ended up stopping, after about 2 hours, in the City of Goodland where we went to Dairy Queen. Up until now, I have never been to a Dairy Queen (pix) before; JM was quite appalled. Haha. We ended up getting some cones — which weren’t as delicious as they could have been, but then…could they really have been that good to begin with?

Here is Jacob’s Ice Cream Eating Progression (pix) as he starts to Nom at it slowly but surely. I just had a really difficult time (pix) finding out where to take the first bite. Haha. All good. I must say, it was decent…but that’s about it. The day before, when we’d originally stopped at a stop, an older gentleman and his wife had told us that we shouldn’t go very quickly through Kansas because Kansas police were rather prevalent. We did see this, however, we were able to stay at a steady 78 mph without any incidence. Quite a few hours later, we finally got in.
Unfortunately, as we were pulling closer to the city, we received a text from max whose car had just broken down! We were originally going to meet at Arthur Bryant’s,


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