Thoughts on Racism, Part 3

On Friday, March 29th, we all went out drinking. While we were out at T. Flynn’s, one of the undergrads (having already been mentioned) pulled me aside and was trying to get us to pose for a Snapchat picture. What happened next literally made my drunk mind blow. Over a few mishaps with the camera and all laughing heartedly, he took the picture then proceeded to type, “My Asian!” before hitting the send button. In the three milliseconds of my reaction yelling, “What does that even mean?” to his explanation that his friend had sent him a picture with her and her mom, tagged: “My Mom!”

I literally had no words to say. As my Tumblr post specified:

This happened last night…

At bar with group.

One guy (Caucasian) pulls me over (we’re sitting) and we take a picture via Snapchat.

He types at the bottom, “My Asian!”.

I was too shocked to say anything; literally – and this probably faults to my own alcohol consumption, but the whole train of thought went through my mind of “WAT?”

Ugh. I’m not anyone’s damn Asian besides myself…(w/e that is supposed to mean).

Apparently even exclaiming how racist that is, outloud – with some outrage – was not enough, either.

His excuse was that his friend had sent him a snapchat with her and her mom (at the bottom of which was typed, “My Mom!”). I guess it doesn’t really matter what people say if they are or aren’t trying to be racist (at least when sober)…cuz like before, the inner racism always comes out. WAT

Thoughts on Racism – Part 1, Part 2


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