A Post A Day – Challenge Accepted

One of the things that can hopefully become habit for the long-term would be to try and blog a bit every day. Perhaps some days it will be asinine; other days, not so much? Maybe there will be some topic challenge to follow? Hmm. 


Summertime always seems like the best time for change and new experiences. Something about the heat (and mugginess attributable to the East Coast) is very enticing for new adventures! 

On the note of adventures, a segment of a TedTalk about how the “30’s are not the new 20’s” really could be taken two ways. On one hand, it is a good warning to people everywhere that all the things we hope for by doing other things can’t really be pushed back. On the other hand, it seemed like she was mocking and telling females to fall back into the submissive culture. [Will read this again and possibly edit in the morning]