IFT 2013 in Chicago – Part 1

Hey everyone,

Guess What? I’m in Chicago right now for IFT 2013! IFT13 is the Annual industry/scientific/professional meeting and Food Expo for Food Scientists (and affiliates) everywhere! IFT is the Institute of Food Technologists with the goal of “feeding the minds that feed the world”. Check them out here! The Expo runs from Sunday July 14, 2013 to Wednesday July 17, 2013 at the McCormick Center.

With over “20,000 of the world’s top food science and technology professionals” in attendance, IFT is the place to be to learn about the most recent and influential product development products, ingredients, and technology. Companies from around the world come together to showcase their products and ingredients. Additionally, there is a plethora of scientific programs, lectures and poster sessions (link) for all participants. The conference’s top talks are all streamed live for those who aren’t able to participate (link). For students part of IFTSA (IFT’s Student Association), there are also multiple competitions (ie: IFTSA product development competitions, College Bowl Competitions, etc.) and interviews/educational opportunities.. There was also a sold-out 5K Fun Run/Walk whose proceeds benefit IFT’s food science student/professional development program, Feeding Tomorrow (link).

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What is Food Waste?

Food waste (also known as food loss) is classified as food “that is discarded or unable to be used”. The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines food waste as “uneaten food and food preparation wastes from residences and commercial establishments”.

In the United States alone in 2011,  at least 36 million tons of food waste was generated!  1.3 billion tons of food throughout the world is lost or wasted, yearly. 1.3 billion is about 1/3 of the total food produced in the world! Be it from the food either used or going bad, to the misleading “Best By” or “Expire By” labels, to the misconceptions and disgust of purchasing aesthetically imperfect produced or groceries,  to even the lack of knowledge for further uses of byproducts, Americans – nay, all of us as citizens of this world– waste a lot of food.

However, to take one step towards minimizing the most basic food waste issue (discarding food) we here at Kitchology.com hope to change your kitchen and better improve your eating habits with innovative ideas so that you can make the most of your delicious food purchases.

Last month, as part of our commitment to promoting food waste and reduce the indiscriminate discarding of food, Kitchology gladly accepted the USDA Food Waste Challenge (blog link). The USDA Food Waste Challenge (link here) is built upon the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge to raise awareness amongst Americans to reduce food waste. As such, over the next week (or two), we will talk more about the food waste issue in the United States and how you can not only minimize your food excess and food waste, but also maximize your food purchases and consumption with becoming bored.

Additionally, as you’ve probably seen, every Friday, we are promoting the theme of “Food Friday” geared towards you for something to eat or to try for the weekend. Last Friday (July 5th), we began addressing the food waste issue by providing you with delicious solutions for your delightful 4th of July leftovers (blog link). Leftovers are a huge part of food waste; sometimes the food spoils, sometimes we no longer want to eat them because we’ve eaten the same thing one too many times, and other times they’re simply forgotten about. We’d like to put a spin to the food you eat, how you handle the food, and what to do with it. Stay tuned!

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Will You Trade Me a Lightshow?


Lightshow by Tofu of EmazingLights at DanzHaus / The GingerBread House (11.22.2011)

Daily Prompt: Barter System (photo: Skill)

In a previous life, long gone – or is it really ever gone – I used to live in San Francisco. While that could have been the start of a great story, I think I’ll spare you all the sordid (but oh-so-delicious) details.


     I used to be am a raver; however, the days of complete abandon and reckless behavior are long over. *snickers* (I’d like to think that I was a bit more responsible than that nowadays.)
     One of the biggest attractions at raves – from small underground industrial warehouses to large music massives – is the glow and wonderment of lights everywhere. On the more external level, there are lasers pulsating wild and convulsive patterns from the stage to the audience. On the more intimate, human level, what once started out with the basic glostick following along intricate patterns about a performer’s body has now spawned into various forms of light displays (ie: poi balls, flow lights, orbitals, conjuring, gloving). These light displays (aka: light shows) have themselves divided into various types of  lights and bulbs  used to create varying intricate and mesmerizing affects. Ultimately, it is the controller of the lights that creates the magic of a light show.
     On one hand, you have individuals who will, to put it simply, go through the motions of a predetermined set of performance skills in order to simply attract attention (or ladies).
On the other hand, there are individuals (ie: Tofu from EmazingLights, above) who pour their heart and soul into their art. For them, it is not only an art, but it also symbolizes life. It makes them who they are, and by performing selflessly for others (for free and whenever asked, despite their own mental of physical state), they not only express their whole being, but also demonstrate to the world a love that can not be compared.
     So what does this have to do with Bartering? In the realm of raves, there is the concept of asking people to “give [you or your friends] a light show”. For some, this is simply the act of taking without offering anything back (ie: water, a massage, etc.). For others, it is the impact and love of watching others’ shows, learning from them, forming a connection; for these individuals, a light show is bartered/traded for another light show in which mutual respect is garnered, and friendships are formed on both sides.
     (Note: Having done this before, I will say that there are obviously dicks out there who do this to rub in your face how good they are compared to you. That is frowned upon and not good etiquette when you consider a lightshow is a projection of the person’s creativity, thoughts, and life.)
     I believe that this is the most genuine type of bartering – to form the connection of humanity, respect, and friendship through a shared ideal and interest. (Although, perhaps I’ve stretched this concept).

Peering into a Mirrored Skylight

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Posted by michelle w.
Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.



Go hard or go home… ooooo, squirrel!

Laughing Too Hard. :D

Daily Prompt: From the Gut


What delineates JOYFUL from HAPPINESS? Joyful things bring you happiness, and happiness is joyful, right?

Doing Laundry!My “JOYFUL”. Doing even the most mundane thing with the one(s) whose company I enjoy. The laughter, the crying, the crying from laughter, and the laughter from crying, it’s always real, raw, and deep. Thank you for being the lights-of-my-life, my two-fluffies-on-a-phone.