Fresh Off the Press – Egypt’s Morsi Overthrown

Morsi has just been overthrown!

Another Egyptian success? Al-Jazeera is reporting live (link to newsroom) now.

Back on March 20, 2011, I wrote this on my old Blogger:

Mubarak has resigned!
Today is a new day! Yesterday when he had said he would continue his reign sadness and despair was felt throughout the world. However, he has resigned today (whether it was by force or coersion) he has now stepped out of office.

While this is at once a jubilant occasion, she can’t help but feel sorry for the man. He held such strong convictions of his effect upon his nation that he must have despaired to leave in such a manner. Sadness for him…mking it seem as if the past thirty years were for naught.

Then again, we will never know the future until it comes.

This is interesting; here we are again at the crosswords. So basically, Morsi will have no say in the next way the government is set up. Removal of a president not through “legal means, ballot box but through the force and support of the Opposition party”.

A removal by the Army; a coup d’etat.

Do you think this will lead to more civil war? This also bears the question: just because we hate one thing, we throw it out, would that mean that every time we hate something we try to toss it out? At every step? Would success and betterment happen that way?


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