Are Them Pants on Fire?

Today’s Daily Prompt, “Pants on Fire” asks, “What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it? / Photographers, artists, poets: show us Fake”.

Something I’ve been asking myself – of late – is that if I tell a lie, wouldn’t it still be part truth? On the other hand, telling lies is part of a filtering system so that we may maintain the relationships we have without bumps in the road, and detriments to the parties involved. Right?

Would I be lying if I have my outside face versus my inside face – the one the world is aware of, and the one that is even more empathetic, but simultaneously trolls?

Would I be lying if I put on make-up as it is not the “original” me, but a version made to be supposedly more beautiful and attractive?

Would I be lying if I said only worked out to stay healthy? (We all know isn’t always the main reason.)

Would I be lying by being in graduate school? I’m really not as smart as I should be…that’s for sure!

Would I be lying if I “fudged the truth” with indirect points in order to “hint” at something or other. Although, depending on the audience or culture, it can backfire and can be misconstrued as exactly what I wasn’t trying to get at. Or the point is missed entirely. Would I still be lying, then? I’m still telling them what I’m saying, just without directly saying it?

The question lies therefore in how far are you willing to consider a lie. Where exactly would the bounds of your lie be drawn. Maybe they aren’t really lies at all but just a part of who you are or what you’d like to express.

On the contrary side, however, A concept that JM recently introduced me to was the concept of “Radical Honesty” (Wiki), proposed by Dr. Brad Blanton. Through it, it allows a person to speak all things on their mind freely as a form of release, and as a way to increase intimacy. The idea being that the by being brutally honest about what you have done, what you are thinking, or what you will say, you will not hide yourself, but will instead, “stop pretending”. An interview with Dr. Blanton done in Esquire puts the whole idea into perspective:

The movement was founded by a sixty-six-year-old Virginia-based psychotherapist named Brad Blanton. He says everybody would be happier if we just stopped lying. Tell the truth, all the time. This would be radical enough — a world without fibs — but Blanton goes further. He says we should toss out the filters between our brains and our mouths. If you think it, say it. Confess to your boss your secret plans to start your own company. If you’re having fantasies about your wife’s sister, Blanton says to tell your wife and tell her sister. It’s the only path to authentic relationships. It’s the only way to smash through modernity’s soul-deadening alienation. Oversharing? No such thing.

(Read more: I Think You’re Fat – Esquire)

I’ve been wondering if I should instill that into my life. It is actually a fairly amazing-sounding concept. I’d be interested in trying this out; but, we do live a society built upon filters and care. Would anyone care to join me in this adventure, though? Let me know!

On an only semi-related note: I’ll leave you all with a picture taken near the Underground here in Blacksburg, VA. Is it a lie? Or is it a truth?

Here's a picture that could be a lie or a truth. What do you think?

Here’s a picture that could be a lie or a truth. What do you think?


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Recently moved to Blacksburg, Virginia (Virginia Tech) for graduate school from good ol' sunny California. Wanting to share my (mis)adventures around the East Coast and in general. :D

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