Give Me Your Name


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This word – nay, the name – rolls off the tongue in such a casual way. Split into two syllables, it is at once soft in tone while harsh in the “soft-ness” of it’s consonance. More often than not, documents will return as: “Lilly”, “Lili”, “Lilli”, “Lillian”, etc. instead of “Lily”.
Is it that hard to spell 4 easy letters? L-I-L-Y.

My mom says she chose my name because she loves Lily flowers… specifically, lily-of-the-valley and tiger-lily. She truly loved lily flowers; growing up, we had lilies everywhere! As such, the lily symbolizes innocence, beauty, and purity. While my mom may have hoped I would grow to embody all of these terms, I unfortunately (and to her utter dismay) did not. Evidently lacking in grace, innocence, and soft-spoken manner, I apparently have yet to discover the “heart and soul” of my dear name.

And yet, my name written in Chinese isn’t for the characters for the flower: 莉莉. Instead, my Chinese name is written 立立.
立 = to stand straight
Before I began Chinese school, my mother told me she chose the dichotomy of my English vs Chinese name to be a pun / play on words. At the same time, she does not correct anyone who writes my name as 莉莉 instead of 立立. However, she hoped upon hope, that by naming me 立立, I’d be a much more upstanding citizen (and mostly so I’d stop slouching so much). [sidenote: As I’d find out later in our tumultuous middle school years, my cousins had thought that I was incredibly weird and horrid for slouching all the time. LOL.] As again with my American name, I have yet to live up to her expectations.

But, a name is a name. I am delighted with it as it makes for meeting another individual with my name (and spelled the way I spell it) always a great and exciting activity!

Response to “Daily Prompt: Name That…You!” Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?


#Patriotism in #Murica

“Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?”

As an American citizen, this picture represents American patriotism to its n-th degree.



or also just as specifically…The White House


White House after 17:00

Or even the Capitol Building – which has now been blown up on a ton of movies (even recently…which in and of itself has led to very racist Twitter and Facebook posts against Asians – we’ll save that for another post, possibly)…


Capitol Building

All these are symbols of our supposed justice, freedom, and equality. They represent the ideals of ‘MURICA, right? Every time a person thumps their chest and barks that phrase out in both a joking (yet almost serious) manner, we are merely expounding our love for our American nation….no?

Is it patriotic, therefore, to discriminate based on race, gender, and/or (political) affiliation? Is it patriotic to disavow those who love whom they love? Is it patriotic to scoff and scorn others of a non-Christian/non-Protest religion? Is it patriotic to segregate our cities into little districts with the hopes of containing specific socio-economic classes, while spreading out in non-freeway-intersected suburbs. Is it patriotic to monitor one’s citizens? Is it patriotic to condemn those who expose a government’s corruption (ie: Edward Snowden)? Is it patriotic to call for “closed borders” while refusing jobs that could be yours? Is it patriotic to pay money to watch a “game” (ie: football, basketball) when that money could have gone towards scientific research or societal advancement (ie: NASA, NSF, NIH, public schools, infrastructure etc.)? Is it patriotic to continue to ruin the environment in your gas excessive vehicles?  Is it patriotic to disallow individuals the use of “soft” drugs while supporting huge pharmaceutical conglomerates that will not sanction some drugs that can have a great societal benefit but due to having the ability to “cure” and thereby decrease revenue, thereby never be made? Is it patriotic to send children to private school? Is it patriotic to decry our institutions and still seek to collect Social Security, pensions, etc.? Is it patriotic to continue funding an ever-expanding military, while still making even more cuts to scientific research and/or societal advancement? Is it patriotic to allow companies to patent and control whole genomes (and simple things, too) in order to increase their revenue in the supposed name of science? 

And the Winner is Cats.


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Victory is getting the Bulls-Eye the first time you’ve ever thrown a dart at a Dart Board. Do not fear, fellow minions, your fearless ruler shall allow you to win all the rest of the times now. Now, please don’t forget to bow as you exit.

How Does the Moon Cut His Hair?

Eclipses it.

Do I consider myself funny? Haha, only if you count telling jokes in a humorous manner, funny…then, no…probably not. Sorry you sexy men and woman…I know you had higher expectations.

But wait, there’s more!

You walk into a bar. The man at the bar tells you his name is Terry. You laugh at him, “Dude, Terry is a girl’s name!” He gets angry and shoots you.

(insert drumroll here)

You have died of dysentery! 

(cymbals clash)

Or…When the whiteboard was invented, what did people say?


Yup. Little things in life, like so, will immediately evoke a smile / grin / belly-hearted laughter. So yes, if you have some fun (perhaps witty) jokes to tell, you may now get in line and have your egos boosted, immediately!

I am also taking ghost-writer applications for joke making. Please reply below. Your jokes will be added to a document collection titled: “Jokes of Steph & Lily”. Haha, see, it takes two of us to come up with material…

I Still Don’t Know

Today’s Daily Prompt asked what it would take for me to consider myself a “successful blogger”, or even more if that was something I strove towards. I’d be lying if I said being a successful blogger wasn’t something I was working towards; how many people out there would throw it all into the wind only to be exposed to the public’s eye if they weren’t looking for “something” (whatever that something is). I’m still struggling with what a “successful blogger” would/could be. 

This can be measured by:

  • The number of followers you have.
  • The number of unique visitors every time.
  • The number of comments you receive. 
  • The amount of credibility other organizations have on you.
  • The number of references you receive from others.
  • The number of freebies you can give away (and the respondents for those).

Well, I obviously don’t really have any of those. Additionally, it bears to question wether I want to be successful in my personal blogging, or in the blogs which I’m a contributing author: Kitchology, and/or Science Meets Food. Would it also matter how many Twitter followers I had that actually communicated with me?  


I may just not be very good at this.