Back Into the Fire?

I've been shamed.

I’ve been shamed.

[warning: rant ahead]

So for those who know me, I used to be in the prime condition of my life — right right, before you say anything…yes, everyone has been at some point, and/or why am I evening mentioning this? Well, I moved across the country and tried to stay in shape, but for some reason motivation slowly disappeared and now I hadn’t worked out fully all summer (~3 months).

In this period of time, I’ve gone up a half a pant to a pant size (admitting this right now is a bit tough), my figure has stopped being as muscular, and what muscle definition I did still have had long since atrophied. I’ve become a once-was. [Right, what do those sayings even mean?]


It’s about time to stop this madness! (It’s so easy to make excuses not to work out, right? It’s easy to make excuses not to eat well/healthy, right? Well, Lily, this is your straight-up reminder to stop wavering and saying, “Just one more bite, or ‘I’ll work that off'”. LOL. Went climbing on Monday and boy did it feel good. While I have dropped down from a V4-ish level now to a V1 – V2 again, it’s alright. Time will tell. Although, lifting right afterwards may not have been the best idea I’ve had. Haven’t been able to move my elbow joints (so now I’ve taken two days off). Ah, is it one step at a time? And just keep moving forward? Hope so!


The 15lb weights in the picture are from what I did on Monday. I have never been so embarrassed to be at a gym; even when I first began I’d never lifted 15lbs (instead starting with 20lbs and 25lbs); but everything hurts from just 15. GAHHH! SO WEAK!


Okay, rant over.


+12,000 Tomatoes

Over the weekend, I did a bit of calculations for how many tomatoes I will need over the course of my experiments (assuming I don’t mess up a tomato here and there in the process) … the resulting number was actually REALLY HIGH!! “How high?” you scoff.

Can I get a drumroll please?  *insert drumroll here*

12,312 tomatoes

Here’s the calculations:

Photo: L Yang (all rights reserved)

Photo: L Yang (all rights reserved)

Give Me Your Name


Photo Credit: dan from

This word – nay, the name – rolls off the tongue in such a casual way. Split into two syllables, it is at once soft in tone while harsh in the “soft-ness” of it’s consonance. More often than not, documents will return as: “Lilly”, “Lili”, “Lilli”, “Lillian”, etc. instead of “Lily”.
Is it that hard to spell 4 easy letters? L-I-L-Y.

My mom says she chose my name because she loves Lily flowers… specifically, lily-of-the-valley and tiger-lily. She truly loved lily flowers; growing up, we had lilies everywhere! As such, the lily symbolizes innocence, beauty, and purity. While my mom may have hoped I would grow to embody all of these terms, I unfortunately (and to her utter dismay) did not. Evidently lacking in grace, innocence, and soft-spoken manner, I apparently have yet to discover the “heart and soul” of my dear name.

And yet, my name written in Chinese isn’t for the characters for the flower: 莉莉. Instead, my Chinese name is written 立立.
立 = to stand straight
Before I began Chinese school, my mother told me she chose the dichotomy of my English vs Chinese name to be a pun / play on words. At the same time, she does not correct anyone who writes my name as 莉莉 instead of 立立. However, she hoped upon hope, that by naming me 立立, I’d be a much more upstanding citizen (and mostly so I’d stop slouching so much). [sidenote: As I’d find out later in our tumultuous middle school years, my cousins had thought that I was incredibly weird and horrid for slouching all the time. LOL.] As again with my American name, I have yet to live up to her expectations.

But, a name is a name. I am delighted with it as it makes for meeting another individual with my name (and spelled the way I spell it) always a great and exciting activity!

Response to “Daily Prompt: Name That…You!” Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

[Daily Prompt] Learning is Difficult

Well, another delicious semester is about to begin, again.

Tomorrow is the annual Food Science Grad Student Orientation (which we’ve all sat through), but hey it’s always a good time! It’ll be be my one-year anniversary of being a graduate student at Virginia Tech. Not going to lie – and if you knew me this past year – it was a difficult journey to this point of being happy in this new realm and environment. Super happy to be here with amazing people, though! 🙂

To be honest, I can’t really wait for this semester to start – but does it ever really start/end when you’re in grad school? Pretty sure those fun little things called “breaks” are merely a lie and/or a figment of the imagination. There is definitely a lot of things to look forward to: Research, Projects, Food Science Club, start-up stuff, teaching, etc. The one class that I needed to take in order to graduate, however, is not being offered! Haha. Oh well.

Some exciting things from semesters past though?

Research: Spilled Plates Everywhere!

Research: Spilled Plates Everywhere!

Or even…

Science: Being a Boss at Poster Sessions

Science: Being a Boss at Poster Sessions

Teaching: Making Mozzarella Deliciously! Yum!

Teaching: Making Mozzarella Deliciously! Yum!

Random Notebook Doodles.

Random Notebook Doodles.

Because you can't edumacate kiddies without your good friend and VASKI

Because you can’t edumacate kiddies without your good friend and VASKI

Foodies: Eat Hot Pot ALL THE DAYS!

Foodies: Eat Hot Pot ALL THE DAYS!


Football Season...guys head in the way, lol

Football Season…guys head in the way, lol

Learning comes in many forms: Adventures, Friends, School, etc. It’s all about the Delight and Journey 😀

Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits

Will You Trade Me a Lightshow?


Lightshow by Tofu of EmazingLights at DanzHaus / The GingerBread House (11.22.2011)

Daily Prompt: Barter System (photo: Skill)

In a previous life, long gone – or is it really ever gone – I used to live in San Francisco. While that could have been the start of a great story, I think I’ll spare you all the sordid (but oh-so-delicious) details.


     I used to be am a raver; however, the days of complete abandon and reckless behavior are long over. *snickers* (I’d like to think that I was a bit more responsible than that nowadays.)
     One of the biggest attractions at raves – from small underground industrial warehouses to large music massives – is the glow and wonderment of lights everywhere. On the more external level, there are lasers pulsating wild and convulsive patterns from the stage to the audience. On the more intimate, human level, what once started out with the basic glostick following along intricate patterns about a performer’s body has now spawned into various forms of light displays (ie: poi balls, flow lights, orbitals, conjuring, gloving). These light displays (aka: light shows) have themselves divided into various types of  lights and bulbs  used to create varying intricate and mesmerizing affects. Ultimately, it is the controller of the lights that creates the magic of a light show.
     On one hand, you have individuals who will, to put it simply, go through the motions of a predetermined set of performance skills in order to simply attract attention (or ladies).
On the other hand, there are individuals (ie: Tofu from EmazingLights, above) who pour their heart and soul into their art. For them, it is not only an art, but it also symbolizes life. It makes them who they are, and by performing selflessly for others (for free and whenever asked, despite their own mental of physical state), they not only express their whole being, but also demonstrate to the world a love that can not be compared.
     So what does this have to do with Bartering? In the realm of raves, there is the concept of asking people to “give [you or your friends] a light show”. For some, this is simply the act of taking without offering anything back (ie: water, a massage, etc.). For others, it is the impact and love of watching others’ shows, learning from them, forming a connection; for these individuals, a light show is bartered/traded for another light show in which mutual respect is garnered, and friendships are formed on both sides.
     (Note: Having done this before, I will say that there are obviously dicks out there who do this to rub in your face how good they are compared to you. That is frowned upon and not good etiquette when you consider a lightshow is a projection of the person’s creativity, thoughts, and life.)
     I believe that this is the most genuine type of bartering – to form the connection of humanity, respect, and friendship through a shared ideal and interest. (Although, perhaps I’ve stretched this concept).