Back Into the Fire?

I've been shamed.

I’ve been shamed.

[warning: rant ahead]

So for those who know me, I used to be in the prime condition of my life — right right, before you say anything…yes, everyone has been at some point, and/or why am I evening mentioning this? Well, I moved across the country and tried to stay in shape, but for some reason motivation slowly disappeared and now I hadn’t worked out fully all summer (~3 months).

In this period of time, I’ve gone up a half a pant to a pant size (admitting this right now is a bit tough), my figure has stopped being as muscular, and what muscle definition I did still have had long since atrophied. I’ve become a once-was. [Right, what do those sayings even mean?]


It’s about time to stop this madness! (It’s so easy to make excuses not to work out, right? It’s easy to make excuses not to eat well/healthy, right? Well, Lily, this is your straight-up reminder to stop wavering and saying, “Just one more bite, or ‘I’ll work that off'”. LOL. Went climbing on Monday and boy did it feel good. While I have dropped down from a V4-ish level now to a V1 – V2 again, it’s alright. Time will tell. Although, lifting right afterwards may not have been the best idea I’ve had. Haven’t been able to move my elbow joints (so now I’ve taken two days off). Ah, is it one step at a time? And just keep moving forward? Hope so!


The 15lb weights in the picture are from what I did on Monday. I have never been so embarrassed to be at a gym; even when I first began I’d never lifted 15lbs (instead starting with 20lbs and 25lbs); but everything hurts from just 15. GAHHH! SO WEAK!


Okay, rant over.